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This No Bake Chocolate Cake would be the fudgy and delicious most chocolate cookie cake you’ll actually have! It is produced with only five ingredients as well as it takes no cooking! It shops effectively in the freezer in portions that are small and could be removed and served anytime you like! Ideal for everyone chocoholics! Made with no flour and can certainly be produced gluten free.

A piece of no bake chocolate cake holding a cake slice There’s not a terrible period for chocolate cake! This cake is ideal for whenever you want a chocolate fix in a rush or even have sudden visitors, as it’ s prepared to deliver in jus thirty minutes. Delicious, indulgent and rich!

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No bake: There are several days when you do not wish to switch on the oven, which freezer cake is ideal for all those occasions. Absolutely no hassle, absolutely no continual checking, it is extremely easy!
Quick: It is very fast making the cake, it should not take more than fifteen mins to combine all together, then you simply have to wait!

Make ahead:

This’s a fantastic cake in case you’re preparing to serve it included in a gathering of family dinner. It can be made just and ahead kept within the freezer unless you wish to serve it.
Gluten-free: This cake may be made with gluten totally free tea cookies to make room for those with intolerances or allergies to gluten or wheat.


Dark and also dairy milk chocolate: Use quality chocolate that is good because of this recipe for the best flavors. I love Ghirardelli or Lindt.
Sweetened condensed milk: Adds creaminess and sweetness on the cake. It adds taste without the demand for including sugar.
Thick pure cream: For creaminess also additionally, it allows the cake to harden. Do not make use of tiny or even low fat cream.
Butter: The butter uses the milk chocolate sleek and creamy. Make use of unsalted butter.
Tea biscuit: The texture and biscuits on the cake and also assistance to take in any additional fluid.


I always start by busting the tea biscuits, simply the basic tea biscuits. I get mine by using World Market or maybe some oriental shop close to me. They’re not difficult to locate. The company I use is Maria as well as World Market usually has them.
Tea cookies inside a bowl Melt the milk chocolate within a double boiler with 1/4 stick of butter.
Pour with the sweetened condensed dairy as well as a can of the heavy fresh cream. Mix perfectly to ensure that the chocolate is smooth and does not have any lumps.
The chocolate actually being melted and lotion added to it Pour the milk chocolate fudge ganache over the cakes and toss to coat totally.
Put right into a lined cake pan.
Spot in the freezer for no less than six hours before serving.
The chocolate being combined with the biscuits and also poured right into a cake pan


I suggest placing a level of whichever parchment, wax newspaper, or maybe a plastic food wrap within the cake pan before including the batter. This causes it to be less difficult to eliminate the cake since it becomes sticky.
You are able to utilize some form of pan you like. You are able to use 2 smaller pans to help make the percentage into 2 batches, freeze and also serve when you like.
An alternate way to create the cake. Simply just harvest the mix onto clear plastic wrap and wrap it right into a roll shape and also freeze it. When you’re prepared to deliver, simply get it from the freezer and slice it into pieces and work.