Feng Shui Strategies for a South Facing bedroom decor

bedroom with reddish color wall and flowers
The room is typically one of the primary areas in the home that individuals use feng shui to. Once the key entry area, the bedroom is most essential in creating great feng shui energy in the home of yours. The room is additionally most crucial for the quality of your well being and well being, in addition to the love relationship of yours.

While using the standard feng shui standards for a great bedroom is usually relatively simple, it becomes more complex whenever you go much deeper together with your feng shui work. As soon as you begin working together with the feng shui energy map known as the bagua, you may think it is hard to mix the bagua needs for the house of yours with the standards for an honest feng shui bedroom.

Bedrooms placed in certain bagua areas are simpler to feng shui than others. For instance, a room in probably the Southwest bagua area (the Marriage and Love area) is quite simple to feng shui due to the demands of its primary element — the Earth feng shui element. This’s the power element that’s perfect to work with for good feng shui bedroom decorating.

Feng Shui Elements
In case you’ve a room in the South region, you understand this region thrives on the Fire feng shui element. For great feng shui, any room in the South bagua area has to be decorated with a good Fire feng shui element (colors including white, strong yellow, magenta, orange, purple, and pink). An area in the South location also can have a solid Wood element decor since Wood feeds the Fire in the productive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements. The Wood element colors are brown and green.

Nevertheless, a good Fire element, though nourishing for the Earth, is able to provide restless energy into the room, even though the Wood element could weaken the power of the Earth element required in an excellent feng shui bedroom. So precisely what can you do? Can it be feasible to possess very good feng shui bedroom decor in a South facing bedroom? Indeed, it’s!

Choose light earthy colors for instance camel, sand, and extremely light yellow as the key colors for the room decor of yours. This is applicable to the bedroom wall space of yours, rugs,, upholstered furniture pieces along with bedding.
Take the Fire element in with small details such as for instance the style of pillows, small decor accessories, plus lampshades. In case it really works for the room of yours, you are able to additionally produce a solid center point that expresses a fiery quality of power. Good examples of excellent focal points with fiery energy are:
A focal wall painted in a Fire element color like white, strong yellow, orange, and yellow.
Huge artwork with flowers, pictures of sunsets or sunrise, or even pictures of fire.
One large piece, like an ottoman, for instance, in a Fire element color.
Stay away from some wood element decorating in the room of yours. What this means is staying away from a powerful presence of colors including brown and green in the room decor of yours, along with utilizing any large living plants.
Be aware of the presence of mirrors because they take the Water element which puts down the Fire element required in the South region. Together with common feng shui standards for mirrors in the room, it’s advisable to stay away from a huge mirror in a South facing bedroom.
Candles along with Himalayan salt lamps are perfect feng shui decor details for any South facing room, as be at liberty to wear them almost as the heart wants of yours. The quality of air flow in the room of yours is crucial, that make sure you choose all-natural candles. As for the Himalayan salt lamps, they not just take a gentle glow of the Fire element with the bright lighting of theirs, additionally, they cleanse the atmosphere. You are able to make them on for many hours one day to allow them to do the air purifying work of theirs, and also take a light presence of the necessary Fire feng shui element.