A component of that method is having to pay closer attention to consumer complaints. The many other component of the task is choosing excellent expert cleaners that do a good job & paying closer attention to what clients are very pleased about. We’ve developed several information from issues we have received (we ensure that it stays true here) in addition to info from some other cleaning products in the region.

Allow me to share several of the places most often forgotten by maid services:


Baseboard detail cleansing is only one of the elements that individuals seldom do by themselves. Dusting, sweeping, plus vacuuming are very easily accomplished at home, but baseboard cleansing is only one of the items many people work with a cleaning service to look after.

Baseboard detail maintenance is contained in all of our cleaning packages, and may be discovered on the Easyway Maid Service cleaning checklist.

Getting all those dusty/stained areas usually calls for lengthy time periods stooping, bending over, or perhaps deteriorating your hips kneeling on a really hard flooring. Leave this to the experts, but be sure to be on the lookout for missed areas! Do not go for a halfway done job.

Blinds: & curtains

Removing the dust on and also around blinds and curtains usually does not leave very much associated with a visual effect. With a bit of exceptions, it is usually difficult to make sure in case there exist dusty bunnies attached on the places around the windows of yours. Nevertheless, while the naked eye usually can easily locate a positive change, you absolutely notice if you pull back the window treatments and also the Sahara Desert shakes off onto the garments of yours and the carpet of yours.

Because it is not often visually apparent when curtains and blinds are dusty, numerous home cleaning products in Austin do not offer these places the attention-to-detail they have to create the most perfect fresh. Check out the curtains before and also after your cleaning to ensure you receive your money’s worth. It will have two minutes, though it’ll immediately reveal whether you’ve employed a comprehensive home cleaning expert, or even only one that cuts corners.

Dusting some of those hard-to-reach places:

dusting ceiling fan

Tops of picture frames, behind the tv, in addition to ceiling fans: dust insidiously inserts itself anywhere you will be least apt to recognize. Absolutely no person wishes to switch on the fan of theirs for the very first time in three years, and then be showered in grime and dust.

Possibly even in case your cleaning solutions are not NBA stars, they are able to continue to wash a lot of these places with a duster or maybe a brief step ladder. Most businesses don’t utilize excessive ladders for liability purposes, though they could find these spots anyways with a bit of imagination.


dusting windowsills

This’s undoubtedly the most often skipped location for us in 2018. We’ve created several changes to the protocols of ours to deal with this particular problem, and also recruited more superstar cleaners that choose the gold each time.

Windowsills, unlike some other dusting areas, are extremely apparent and create a huge visible effect on the appearance of the home of yours. It has among the things which your head does not particularly pick up, however notices that a thing looks “wrong”. In case you would like the house of yours to show for the holidays, ensure to work with a maid service which explicitly includes this within their cleaning checklist.

Nevertheless, while baseboards are arduous and difficult to clean, windowsills are relatively simple and there is absolutely no reason why you need to go for a business which skips over this specific place. While we’re a relatively new organization (founded in January 2018), we always gather reviews and can make changes to guarantee hundred % client satisfaction. This’s something just where we’ve mastered as well as developed, and since then substantially enhanced the caliber of our cleans with customer feedback!

Animal hair:

dog working with ball

Oh boy. I am certain we do not have to describe to you exactly how frustrating it could be to eliminate pet hair.

You are able to spend all day long on the hands of yours and knees selecting hairs with a lint roller or maybe brush, and then have your furry friend quickly reapply fifty percent of the bodyweight of theirs to your couch and carpet.

There is absolutely no simple way to achieve this. Good old elbow grease will be the means to fix this issue. A vacuum will not handle pet hair by itself, but a meticulous team of cleaning professionals are able to accomplish it.

In case you’ve a pet, we recommend registering for recurring service. Weekly, bi weekly, or maybe perhaps monthly maintenance is able to help to keep the pet hair in check. Nevertheless, weekly or bi-weekly service is very likely the ideal remedy, as it just requires a couple of times for lots of longer haired pets to coat the home of yours in fur.

We provide our greatest discounts to our recurring clients, with twenty % off, fifteen % off, or maybe ten % off based on whether you choose weekly, biweekly, or maybe month service. The very first cleansing is total price tag, but for each washing after that, you are going to feel the impact in the finances of yours. Lots of cleaning solutions offer huge deals for recurring program, plus it is a good way to automate the life of yours as well as leave some time for the crucial issues.


Do comprehensive study on maid products before you bring in help. Check out their Yelp web page, social networking profiles, and policies before making a choice. In 2018 there’re a thousand ways that are different to investigate who you’re employing. Check out the hiring activity of ours that we wear ourselves to employ several of our greatest cleaning pros. The times of flipping through the yellow pages without context are over. This’s a good thing, customers are able to get a lot more educated choices than they could have just ten or maybe twenty years back. Do the due diligence of yours and enjoy the benefits!

Maybe much more notably, we provide a hundred % free re clean policy. If only one of those areas (or maybe whatever else) is skipped, simply take us an email (, text, or maybe call at 512-793-7861 and we’ll gladly send out a crew back out to carry out the touch ups for you!

We give it our all each time, though we’ve made absolutely sure you’re covered, even in case we get some things wrong. So long as you notify us within seventy two hours of your respective cleaning, we are able to plan a re clean as much as fourteen days from the day of your classic cleaning. This guarantees you’ve lots of dates and times to pick from, producing it as handy as they can!